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WARNING: As of March 4, 2016, the BWG no longer meets.

News from the BWG:

  On behalf of Davesh and myself, I would like to thank you for your
past support of the OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group. There will be
a conference call for the BWG Friday, March 4, at 2pm Eastern Time
(Dial-in 877-507-0723, passcode: 9927187#). We anticipate that it will
be our last. Time pressures on the members of the BWG have resulted in
very low attendance at the conference calls. As an alternative forum
for dicussing benchmarking issues and asking questions may we suggest:
- The Lustre-discuss mailing list
- The Lustre IRC
If you feel strongly that biweekly conference calls should continue,
please do speak up. If you have any questions about the BWG or about
benchmarking open source, parallel, scalable file systems in general
do not hesitate to contact us:
Andrew C Uselton <[email protected]>
Davesh Tiwari <[email protected]>
The BWG co-chairs

Benchmarking Working Group Tasks

File System I/O hero run best practices

I/O Workload Characterization

Application I/O kernel extraction

File System Monitoring

Metadata Performance Evaluation

Benchmarking Working Group Wiki Pages

Benchmarking Working Group Meeting Minutes