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WARNING: This working group has been subsumed into the new Lustre Working Group. This page is only preserved for historical purposes; it will receive no further updates.

Mission Statement

The mission of the OpenSFS Technical Working Group (TWG) is to work with the Lustre community to ensure that Lustre continues to support the stability, performance, and management requirements of the OpenSFS members as HPC compute platforms continue to scale. The TWG is responsible for creating a technical roadmap for the OpenSFS community. To complete the roadmap, the TWG gathers requirements from the Lustre HPC community, initiates RFPs for important features, and works with contractors to meet these requirements. The TWG works closely with the OpenSFS board to review requirements and prioritize development projects.


  • Gather Requirements
  • Generate Statement of Work/Request for Proposals
  • Develop Resource Allocation Proposals
  • Work with Contractors on Technical Requirements
  • Create High Level Estimate of Impacts/Costs to Meet Requirements

More information can be found in the TWG white paper.

Gathered Requirements

Current Contracts

  • SFS-DEV-001 - Metadata performance, Distributed Namespace, Filesystem Checker
  • SFS-DEV-002 - UID/GID, Shared Key

How to Get Involved

  • Join our mailing list
TWG announcements are also shared on [email protected].
  • Attend our sometimes-weekly teleconference
Thursdays 9:00am-10:00am Pacific / 12:00-1:00 Eastern
866-692-4538 or 517-466-2084, Passcode: 2907590
Note that meeting schedule can vary depending on project activity. While we hold this meeting time open, the assumption is that there is no meeting unless an agenda is sent out ahead of time. Please check the reflectors for agenda announcements before calling.
  • Contact our working group lead for more information
Jason Hill