SFS-DEV-004 Minutes 2014-11-06

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Working Week 45


  • Chris
  • Doug
  • Richard


  • meeting format and minute taking. AGREE Minutes should go onto the wiki.
  • feedback on status reports. Chris provided feedback, recorded as actions below.
  • project risks.
  • next meeting: 4th December.
  • other business.

Action Items

  • 45.0 ACTION: RH to resolve scope of LU-4198.
  • 45.1 ACTION: RH to review whats happening with LDLM_GID_ANY on 10858
  • 45.2 ACTION: RH Explain the patches in human readable form on the wiki page.
  • 45.3 ACTION: RH Jira tickets should be enhanced with more content.
  • 45.4 ACTION: RH to include a forecast for how much work in total there is expected on a ticket.