LWG Minutes 2021-03-04

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HPE: Cory Spitz, Jeff Garlough, Olaf Weber
LLNL: Olaf Faaland
ORNL: Anjus George, James Simmons, Jeff Niles, Rick Mohr
Sandia: Ruth Klundt
Whamcloud: James Nunez, Peter Jones, Andreas Dilger


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.15.0 Release Update

  • Lustre 2.14 GA. Started building up 2.15 page at XXX ; are there any other features people know of in the 2.15 timeframe?

James S

  • IPv6 should be ready for 2.15; testing Erasure coding; expect to have results to share by next call.

Upstream Lustre Client
James S

  • Keeping up with recent master landings


  • Investigating reports of DMARC/SPF issues with lustre.org mailing lists

Other Business

  • None

Next meeting will be on 2021-03-18 at 11:00am Pacific