LWG Minutes 2020-10-29

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BP: Sean Hall
EOFS: Frank Baetke
HPE: Cory Spitz, Jeff Garlough, Olaf Weber, Sergey Chermencev
LBNL: Kirill Lozinskiy
ORNL: Dustin Leverman, James Simmons, Jeff Niles
Partec: Hugo Falter
Whamcloud: Andreas Dilger, James Nunez, Peter Jones


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.14.0 Release Update

  • Discussion around OST Pool Quota testing results - https://wiki.lustre.org/OST_Pool_Quotas_Test_Report. Some concern about the usage of the Cray 2.12.x clients rather than 2.14 clients in the testing and whether those results applied. Sergey thought that there should not be a material difference. It is unclear what caused the ~ 40% increase in buffered write performance so some more testing should be conducted to test the validity of those results.

Upstream Lustre Client
James S

  • Two issues relating to Ubuntu 20.04 support now fixed


  • Discussion about OpenSFS usage guidelines for the Lustre trademark. Jeff Niles pointed out a couple of minor typos. Guidelines were ratified

Other Business

Next meeting will be on 2020-11-12 at 11:00am Pacific