LWG Minutes 2020-04-16

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HPE: Olaf Weber, Jeff Garlough, Cory Spitz, Christopher Voltz
Linaro: Paul Isaac's
ORNL: James Simmons, Dustin Leverman, Jeff Niles
Sandia: Ruth Klundt
Supermicro: Abe Asraoui
Whamcloud: Peter Jones, James Nunez, Andreas Dilger


New Actions Captured:

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2.14.0 Release Update

  • We need to start introducing feature patches in to master-next to avoid conflicts. This might delay some other bug fixes landings until we are past feature freeze.
    • Peter: Has anyone looked at Erasure Coding patches yet?
    • Cory: No but we are interested to do so
    • Peter: What is happening with pool quotas? There have been long-standing test failures with this patch. Is this understood?
    • Cory: Yes Sergey believes he has found a solution to these
    • Peter DNE Auto-resizing seems on track and patches have been landing. Network Selection Policy (aka UDSP) is in the multi-rail topic branch and needs reviews
    • James: Not interesting to ORNL
    • Olaf: Busy with other work
    • Cory: Chris Horn might be able to assist
    • Peter: Encryption on track

Upstream Lustre Client

  • Neil's IPv6 work is the last major body of work before submission upstream.
  • Would like to get the last few time patches into 2.14 (LU-9019 and LU-13344)

Ken (via email)

  • We've been having some issues with the Lustre.org Working Group mailing list software so email Ken if you have had issues

Virtual Dev Day

  • Considering options to replace in-person developer session at LUG. Would people be interested in either presenting details about planned development or attending sessions about work others are doing
    • James: I would be interested
    • Cory: HPE would be interested in attending but unclear about presenting
    • Paul: Would be interested in presenting about Linaro testing of Lustre. Suggested scheduling as being a key issue
    • Peter: Likely it would be scheduled for early North American time to overlap with Europe based on the location of most attendees. Let's aim to have a list the next call.

Other Business

  • Cory: can we get some guidance on the approach to take for LU-10968 as reviewers are disagreeing?
  • Peter: yes but let's wait until after feature freeze because these changes are not impacted
  • Christopher: Will there be a release to support RHEL 7.8 soon?
  • Peter: Yes we'll release 2.12.5 probably early May

Next meeting will be on 2020-04-30 at 11:00am Pacific