LWG Minutes 2019-09-19

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Cray: Cory Spitz
ORNL: James Simmons
HPE: Olaf Weber, Christopher Voltz
IU: Ken Rawlings
TACC: Ari Martinez
Intel: Ralph Castain
Whamcloud: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones, Andreas Dilger, Nathaniel Clark


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.13.0 Release Update

  • We continue pressing towards to code freeze. We have been descoping non-essential things. We are down to 24 in scope and about half of those are ready or will be ready to land soon.
    • Christopher: People will be asking if 2.13 will have CentOS 8 or not. Given how late we are in the test, I figured not but would ask.
      • Peter: We will probably aim to have client support perhaps with known issues documented if needed. Historically, server support isn't as urgent as client.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • James has been on a 2 weak hiatus from this work due to other priorities.


  • After all updates are complete, we will be looking at what resources are needed to improve lustre developer on-boarding.

Other Business

  • Kernel Policy - Peter has posted the policy on the wiki and Joe pushed a patch to make it clear in the changelog in the Lustre tree (LU-12776).
  • Peter sent out a draft of the updated roadmap. We included the request to switch colors to make bold colors past releases and lighter colors future releases. Sent out Tuesday, no feedback received as of today.

Next meeting will be on 2019-10-03 at 11:00am Pacific