LWG Minutes 2018-08-23

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Cray: Ben Evans, Cory Spitz
ORNL: Dustin Leverman, James Simmons
HPE: Olaf Weber, Christopher Voltz
IU: Ken Rawlings
Sandia: Ruth Klundt
Whamcloud: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones, Andreas Dilger


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.12.0 Release Update

  • We are now in feature freeze as the LNet Health feature has been merged.
  • We are in the process of scrubbing the FixVersion 2.12 list.
  • If you are aware of something which is a bug introduced by this test cycle or a feature, please make sure to raise it.
  • Anything else to report?
    • James: We are doing testing on Power8 and ARM systems.
      • Ruth: ARM clients with x86 servers using a recent build of master is appearing to work ok.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • Working on breaking up PFL patches, going to start working on multi-rail next.


  • There was a request to add a lustre monitoring mailing list.
    • Peter: I don’t think it is a great idea. Lists are not super high volume. If you move off to another list, it risks people not going to also move and then they miss the discussion. If we had high volume that would be a different story. What do others think?
    • Dustin: Sounds reasonable to leave it as-is if is low volume and would pull people away.
    • Ken will respond to Alex's email and invite him to the next LWG call.
  • We are close to having a draft wiki page for guidelines for StackOverflow.
  • Our thoughts are that StackOverflow should be used for specific questions and that the mailing list would be used for more unstructured discussion. Does this sound reasonable?
    • No objections for the attendees.

Other Business

  • None

Next meeting will be on 2018-09-06 at 11:00am Pacific