LWG Minutes 2017-07-27

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Cray: Cory Spitz, Ben Evans, Justin Miller, Patrick Farrell
ORNL: James Simmons, Dustin Leverman
IU: Ken Rawlings
SuperMicro: Abe Asraoui
HPE: Olaf Weber, Christopher Voltz, Robert Clark, Eric Cain
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones


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2.11 Release Update

  • Master landings have resumed.
  • Peter: How are things shaping up with lockahead?
    • Patrick: The rebase is done. The patch failed for unrelated reasons.
    • Patrick: Is there anything else outstanding other than review of the patch?
      • Peter: No, it doesn't appear to need anything else.
  • Peter: Any update on tracepoint?
    • James: I am still working toward to having tracepoint for 2.11.
  • Peter: How is progress coming along with Multi-Rail Dynamic Discover?
    • Olaf: The DD patches are in review and making the expected progress. We hope to see them land to the MR branch and be incorporated into master very soon. It is trending well for 2.11.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • Pushed a bunch of fixes for the upstream client.
  • Fix for k2oiblnd fix merged into Linus’ tree.
  • Trying to get as much done as possible since 4.14 will be a LTS release
  • 2 patches left for uapi headers
  • We need to discuss setting LNet packet size at some point. Right now it is a global thing and doesn’t quite work. It should be per network and obviously should work. We could remove it for now and set it to the default value of 1MB. If you try to set it to anything else, it will refuse to change it (LNET_CONFIG_MAX_PAYLOAD). James suggests for it to be done through yaml configuration files.
    • Olaf: It will be interesting with multiple networks of different types, so the solution will need to be robust. this warrants a separate ticket to flesh out the details.


  • In process of doing another round of upgrades on servers. We expect to finish before the next call.
  • We plan to start regular calls soon on the lustre development tutorial front.
    • Cory: Setting up a separate call?
    • Ken: Yes. I will put the call info on the luster internals update page on the wiki. If anyone is interested in participating they are welcome to do so.
    • Discussion around the best vehicle for the discussion (separate meeting versus the LWG call itself). It was decided that Ken will send out the info on the meeting to the LWG list and consider going wider to lustre-devel as things start to solidify.

Other Business

  • Chris Voltz: ZFS 0.7 was released yesterday. What will it take to integrate LU?
    • Peter: We plan to have a 2.10.1 on the heels of 2.10.0 and we will move forward with support for ZFS 0.7 in 2.10.1. The target is mid august.

Next meeting will be on 2017-08-10 at 11:00am Pacific