LWG Minutes 2016-09-07

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Cray: Cory Spitz, Ben Evans, Chris Horn
ORNL: Sarp Oral, James Simmons
Indiana: Ken Rawlings
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Andreas Dilger, Peter Jones


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.9 Release Status/Update

  • We are currently estimating being a few weeks out from having a release candidate. There are 3 blockers at this point in time.
  • We will continue to land useful patches in the interim.
  • Any other input on 2.9?
    • James: Things that ORNL were concerned about have landed and no problems seen in testing thus far. The fragmentation discussion in LU-5718 is would be nice to resolve in 2.9 if possible.
      • Peter: Agreed, this is a long standing issue that would be nice to have fixed, but it should not block 2.9 specifically.

2.10 Release Update

  • Nothing notable to report at this time.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • We have submitted all intended patches for 4.9. The upstream client will be equivalent to Lustre 2.6 client when it lands.
  • Andreas: Oleg had some concerns if there would be any complaints when it leaves staging because there is some amount of change that are not fixes.
    • James: Is this the reason why we are avoiding a lot of changes?
      • Andreas: Yes, it was not expected that we would put in a lot of features in staging. There is some potential concern that the staging people (or others) might object when it comes time to leave staging.
  • James: There were ~350 patches needed to get to 2.6 and a rough estimate is that it might take ~100 to get to 2.7. It is possible that the two branches could converge by end of the year. Once we get to that point, we would need to figure out what to do next (i.e. de-staging, etc…)
  • Andreas: Are you tracking which commit you have brought in all the patches from master?
    • James: Yes, it is being done locally at the moment, but will consider putting it into the commit message or a text file.


  • We are making progress on DB issues and have a plan on how to move forward.
  • The architecture docs are the biggest remaining section in the migration efforts. We will likely post to the mailing list for help on this topic.

Other Business

Next meeting will be on 2016-10-05