LWG Minutes 2015-10-07

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Peter Jones from Intel provided an update on Lustre 2.8. James Simmons from ORNL shared that he was scheduling a large scale test. The latest progress is at http://wiki.opensfs.org/Lustre_2.8_-_October_9th_2015.

Chris Morrone, from LLNL joined the call a few minutes later and announced that he was resigning as LWG lead, effective immediately. Chris indicated that he was looking forward to stepping out of the limelight to focus on engineering and development. He answered a few questions about his interactions with the OpenSFS board, explaining that had spent a significant amount of time working with them on community development strategies, which the next LWG leader would need to continue. Chris had to leave the call shortly, but before he left he recommended that the community should move more activity to the mailing lists. Chris was thanked for his leadership and service before hanging up.

Cory Spitz from Cray recommended that we quickly establish a new lead to continue the business of the LWG. However, we were all unsure about the OpenSFS rules pertaining to election of working group leaders. We were unsure if only individuals from OpenSFS promotor organizations were eligible and if the board needed to vote. Cory took an action to understand the rules and report back.

Only Peter Jones was nominated to lead during the call. Others on the call agreed to return to their respective groups to find other potential candidates.

No exact timetable was set, but we discussed deciding at the next meeting on October 20th or soon thereafter.