LWG Minutes 2015-08-26

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  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Andreas Dilger (Intel)
  • Chris Horn (Cray)
  • Paul Sathis (Intel)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Justin Miller (Cray)
  • Ben Evans (Cray)
  • Chris Hanna (IU)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)


Call for Agenda items

No one has any additional agenda items yet. Spoiler: they will think of them after we start discussing Lustre 2.8 development.

Lustre 2.8 development status

Andreas - working through backlog of bugs, paring out bugs that are not critical, or getting no attention and moving along ones that are needed for the release. About 100 outstanding (Peter: down to 91, maybe low 80s after this morning)

Outstanding patches for bugs need inspection

James - ORNL actively testing 2.8. DNE and large scale test shot attempted. Ran into some issues, but they were with Cray networking...routers ran out of memory so unable to test at large scale. Another large scale test shot planned.

Probably likely to slip release date a little into OCtober, but we shall see.

Code Reviewers, Ticket Assignments

Colin - Discussion about reviewers, are we on path to assign a gatekeeper

Cory - Referenced passed discussion about ability to assign tickets to non-Intel employees. Then asked about whether Intel reviewers should be added to http://wiki.lustre.org/Code_Reviewers page.

Andreas - should Code Submission page be updated to reference the Code Reviewers page? Instructing submitters to select reviewers from the list. Yes, Andreas to update submission page

Cory to send out email about Code Reviewers page to

Ticket assignment in Jira - Yes, tickets can now be assigned to non-Intel employees in the Jira LU project.

Topic Branches

Topic branches - James trying to light a fire under Oleg to write a wiki page explaining topic branch creation process. It requires the gatekeeper to create branches the way it is currently planned.

2.9 Feature Content

When should we start discussing it soon. Peter asked if next call was the time to really get going on plan feature for 2.9

Chris suggested that lustre-devel should be used more for that planning to get greater Lustre developer exposure and buy-in for the process. Also, wiki Projects page needs updating.

Peter - Chris should send email to lustre-devel about 2.9 feature planning.

Lustre Client in Upstream Linux Kernel

Cory asked about upstream client.

James too busy with other projects at work to pay attention to the upstream client recently.

Andreas - thinks we are making enough progress at low volume to at least keep it alive and not get kicked out of the kernel.

Oleg got rid of /proc usage. Side effect is that lctl doesn't work.

Not sure how many major items left to get it out of staging.

James - Mixed up user-land/kernel-land headers are a blocker for upstream. Work started by Ben Evans to untangle them.

James - Kernel 4.2 (4.1?) support waiting to land. Can it land now, or does it need to wait for lustre 2.9? Peter - If it isn't disruptive, it could potentially still land.

Cory - Similar to the work to get the client upstream, Cory wants to make patching and building Lustre easier. Wants to share patch series for upstream stable kernels for ldiskfs and such.

lustre-devel mailing list

Some additional push from Chris about using lustre-devel more. Paul asked if there is some way we should be advertising that better? Is there some other place where people discuss Lustre publically and we should advertise there? Peter - The conversations tend not to take place publically at this point, and as Chris suggested we probably need to set the example by using lustre-devel more ourselves.

Andreas - Oleg has submitted patch to upstream kernel to change the lustre patch submission list from hpdd-discuss to lustre-devel. When that lands, patch and development traffic will pick up on lustre-devel.

Do we have backup moderator for lustre-devel when Chris is on vacation and such? Chris - Not yet, but we will need a backup. Andreas is willing to be a backup moderate lustre-devel.

Action Items

  • Cory to send email to lustre-devel about Code Reviewers page
  • Chris to send email to lustre-devel about lustre 2.9 planning