LWG Minutes 2015-02-11

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  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Christopher Morrone (LLNL)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Andreas Dilger (Intel)
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Chris Hanna (IU)


Annual Lustre Survey

  • Should people be able to submit more than once?
    • As it stands now, no, only 1 per user
    • Multiple surveys per file system is desirable
  • Question 9, is there a way to fill that in with existing choices?
Possibly, but the existing options aren't well defined.
Add OpenSFS funded choices
Road map items
Maybe split it into two, selected options predefined additional input (other), free form input.
Possibly tackle this for next years survey
  • Change question 8 for number of OSS's in production
Total across all file systems or per file systems? etc?
  • Network type in use question?
Change question 3 to include gigE options
What stack is used?
Ask about other file systems?
No, probably not appropriate
Ideally collect via different survey
  • Peter Jones to contact OpenSFS admin to promote the survey
  • Deadline imposed, and should be widely broadcasted
  • Peter Jones to request review from Andreas Dilger, Cory Spitz, and James Simmons

Open Discussion

Have a great vacation Chris!