LWG Minutes 2015-01-28

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  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Christopher Morrone (LLNL)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Brad Settlemyer (LANL)
  • Paul Sathis (Intel)
  • Sebastien Buisson (Bull)
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)


Annual Lustre Survey

No input on the survey proposed by Peter Jones. Chris called for people to look it over and make comments on the LWG mailing list.

LUG'15 Developer Day

Chris relayed pertinent details about a Developer Day at LUG from a preceding meeting of the LUG planning committee. Developer day is going to happen. Likely going to charge a separate fee of around $125 to cover expenses.

Lustre client in the upstream Linux kernel

James to help start wiki page, going to wait for lustre.org. Start project, regular updates on LWG calls.

Open Discussion

Proposals for LUG talks.