LWG Minutes 2014-12-03

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  • lustre.org status update
  • Lustre Developer Project Meeting update
  • 2.7 testing
  • Discuss next actions on agreed dev process improvements (s/Feature/Development/ Releases, start using and merging topic branches)


  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Nathan Rutman (Seagate)
  • Justin Miller (IU)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Paul Sathis (Intel)
  • Chrs Morrone (LLNL)
  • Aurelien Degremont (CEA)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Chris (Cray)
  • Sebastien Buisson (Bull)
  • Patrick Farrell (Cray)

Meeting Minutes

lustre.org transitions status update

The lustre.org transition is nearing completion. Chris has asked the OpenSFS Board for a technical contact at Seagate, and another from EOFS, so that we can implement the web site transition.

Lustre Developer Project Meeting update

Chris has most of the broad strokes in place for the meeting. Meeting room is reserved, long email of detail put together. The main thing missing is a final agenda. Volunteers for giving talks and leading discussions likely to increase once official registration information advertised.

Some people suggested Wednesday/Thursday would be better than Thursday/Friday.

Chris thinks it is too late to change now, room already reserved for Thursday/Friday.

Lustre 2.7 testing

cray not doing much testing with master at the moment. probably not much time left this year. Cory: When would 2.7 RCs start coming out? Peter: RC expected late January if late February release on time. Simmons: testing, but mostly with lnet stuff Minor problems like dynamic lnet config commands are wrong

Discuss next actions on agreed dev process improvements

Next steps to change "Feature Release" names to "Development Release"

Next roadmap refresh.

Next release.

Chris: Update current download page?

Peter: at next release

Cory: lustre.org change is good opportunity to make changes

Generally agreed that the lustre.org web page refresh and the next major Lustre release is the time to make the name change.

start using and merging topic branchs

Currently in feature freeze, 2.8 landing period would be first time to implement

Chris: how are we going to make the decision?

Peter will take task to investigate.

Chris: will the current tools work with that

Cray ticket LU-5969

Peter asked if Cray analyzed who the copyright holders are Patrick: given difficulty identifying copyright holders, probably easier to rewrite the api CEA: doesn't think changing license would be a problem

Nathan: perhaps just say "we're changing the license by some date", force them to opt out of the change rather than opt in.

Peter: worried about getting something done for 2.7

Chris: worried that if we change the library license we'll never address the API technical debt

Patrick and James agreed

Peter: Patrick/Cory, is this something cray will work on, or looking for volunteers?

January meeting agenda: new API design

Cory: can keep old API

James: libcfsutil library needed too

Cory: would need architects to weigh in on the API design

LU-5712 raised as well.

More lustre.org planning

Cory: What is our plan?

Chris give his initial vision. Immediately redirect lustre.org to point to the current lustre.opensfs.org page, then gradually work on migrating the old lustre.org information to a useful place.

Take a hard look at the Ceph web site, and other successful open source software web sites. Mine them for good web site design ideas.

Cory worried about content. Need to get organized.

Cory thinks Cray can contribute some help to content.

We should have the Doxygen stuff posted on the web site. Web site should be Google indexed.

Cory mentions that we need to address the plethora of mailing lists as well. Chris agrees, suggests that the lustre.org transition will be the time to send clear announcements and encourage everyone to centralize on the lustre.org mailing lists.

Someone mentions that it might be nice to have at least 2 mailing lists.

Chris clarifies that we have long had multiple good mailing lists at lustre.org:

  • lustre-discuss
  • lustre-devel
  • lustre-annouce

they had just fallen into disuse with the ambiguities surrounding lustre.org. Those lustre.org mailing lists are ready for us to use, we will just need to advertise and encourage people to use them as the primary disucssion areas for lustre.

Chris also mentions that the lustre IRC channel would be good to advertise on the web site. The IRC channel is often part of a vital open source project.

Chris volunteers to organize the lustre.org effort. He makes it clear that he can't do most of the work of content generation, but we is willing to organize and direct content generators' activities. Also to coordinate the OpenSFS web guy, as well as coordinate with Seagate and EOFS technical contacts.

Action Items

  • Peter to look into use of feature/topic branches (will gerrit work for us?)
  • Chris to organize lustre.org transition for OpenSFS side