LWG Minutes 2014-09-10

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  • Testing framework
  • Continue general QA discussion


  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Steve Young (Seagate)
  • Roman Grigoryev (Seagate)
  • Denis Kondratenko (Seagate)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Steve Simms (IU)


Discussion about Xperior

Automated test frame work. Incorporated into their test environment.

There will be an update about Xperior at LAD'14 by Roman.

Can be triggered by git commit hook. Tests can be defined in YAML. Test execution framework for external tests.

Using it to run Lustre internal tests and Linux Test Project testing suite.

Seagate is looking for feedback and requirements from the community.

Cray looking for framework to launch lots of tests in parallel to generate simulated load. Random order, random sizes.

Cory asked if xperior be expanded to do SWL type testing.

Cory curious how Seagate uses it for continuous integration testing.

It would be useful to have documentation of the full integration of xperior/gerrit/jenkins/etc.