LWG Minutes 2014-08-13

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  • Overview of LWG formation and discuss possible alternate call times
  • Decide level for support of RHEL7 in Lustre 2.7.0* Discussion about software quality


  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Marc Stearman (LLNL)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Justin Miller (IU)
  • Steve Young (Seagate)
  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Paul Sathis (Intel)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)


Overview of LWG formation

Welcome to the LWG!

PAC leaders and members will remain the same, just report to new LWG.

Level for support of RHEL7 in Lustre 2.7.0

Chris - Is it sufficient to only support RHEL7 on clients in Lustre 2.7.0?

James - It would be good to make the server work on RHEL7, but we don't need to add it to the official support matrix.

Lustre 2.8 seems like a good place to start making RHEL7 server support official.

There was no opposition to making RHEL7 support official for only Lustre clients in Lustre 2.7.0.

DECIDED: Lustre 2.7.0 support matrix will add only client support for RHEL7

Discussion about software quality

Chris quickly ran through the slides that he presented to the OpenSFS Board of Directors on August 5, 2014.

Board of Directors was to vote on the proposal on August 12th. They did not take a vote as planned.

Justin relayed that the Board seems concerned with the tangible outputs, and is largely hung up on that. Suggested for the refactoring contracts that specific organization by subsystem might help.

Chris put the question to the working group: Is the Lustre Protocol Documentation Project the next contract that OpenSFS should pursue?


  • James Simmons - Yes
  • Justin Miller - Yes
  • Steve Young - Yes
  • Paul Sathis - Abstain
  • Cory Spitz - Yes
  • Ruth Klundt - Yes
  • Marc Stearman - Yes
  • Peter Jones - Abstain
  • Chris Morrone - Yes

No opposition to the proposal. Comments were mostly about increasing the documentation scope to include even more.

Justin suggested refreshing the old internals document.

Cory suggested widening the documentation scope, and continuing more code comment documentation like in our existing dev contract (Note from Chris: I believe that he was referring to SFS-DEV-003 project "Code Documentation")

Folks seemed to wonder why this is taking so long. Justin pointed out that there was general agreement at the working group meetings at LUG'14 that we need to put additional effort into improving documentation. People believed that documentation was a crucial element in making the Lustre code more approachable so that we can widen our base of software developers.

It was decided that working on a first draft of the contract would likely help move the process forward. It would be expected to lay out the deliverables, method of oversight and evaluation of the deliverables, people involved, and a price estimate. These details would likely help the OpenSFS Board make a decision.

Action Items

  • Chris Morrone to approach Intel to make a first-draft of a contract statement of work for the Lustre Protocol Documentation Project (and additional documentation as we identified in the meeting)