CDWG Minutes 2014-07-16

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  • Lustre 2.6.0 status
  • Lustre 2.7.0 planning
  • Open Discussion


  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Justin Miller (IU)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Bryon Neitzel (Intel)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Vitaly Fertman (Xyratex)


Lustre 2.6.0 status

Lustre 2.6 RC1 tagged. b2_6 branch created. RC2 tagged shortly after, due to small Cray fix in HSM area included.

Work continuing on LU-4327

2.6.0 hopefully done end of July.

Lustre 2.7.0 planning

Feature freeze end of Oct. Target GA end of January. But holiday overlap makes January challenging. Better to plan for end of February.

Features: Dynamic LNET config looking LFSCK Phase 3 Possibly some elements of CLIO simplification

DNE Phase 2 originally planned for 2.7. But overlap with LFSCK has proven in 2.6 to cause complications. For 2.7, better to land LFSCK, and keep DNE2 on a separate development branch. Plan to

IU anticipating to land UID mapping in 2.7.

LLNL: Striping API changes (LU-2182)

ORNL: OST placement LU-4665

LDISKFS support on RHEl7 and SUSE12

The CFS wrapper stuff should be gone by 2.7

LU-5030: sysfs and debugfs cleanup, elimination of proc info Lots of apps use proc, so transition needs to be well advertised

LU-2096 - elimination of obdfilter things