CDWG Minutes 2014-04-10

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The meeting on 2014-04-10 was held in person at LUG2014.

Discussion largely centered around improving the Lustre code stability and maintainability.

Release cadence/model didn’t see much discussion, b2_8 most likely next maintenance branch, but that is TBD.

Testing and quality were big issues. A lot folks with large deployments really beat up the development, landing, test, and release process on the quality situation. Cory @Cray offered to share test regimen details for mix of open sourced tests like the LTP suite.

A large discussion centered on fostering the community by lowering the bar to development. We decided that we want a 'live design' document and process. The PAC is taking the first steps to define the live design doc process.

We also decided that we want high level docs in-tree. An action was generated to see if LID (Lustre Internals Documentation) project from could be easily revived [Action with Hugo F.]

CDWG recommends addressing technical debt with OpenSFS funds. We’ll enumerate ideas at future meetings.

Future CDWG meetings to enumerate concrete steps to improve landing collateral (e.g. function and structure comments)items that need funding will be sent to the board.