CDWG Minutes 2013-08-28

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  • Lustre 2.5.0 status update
  • Begin Lustre 2.6.0 planning


  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Nic Kenke (Xyratex)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Vitaly (Xyratex)


Lustre 2.5.0 Status Update

Scale testing of HSM on hyperion went well. Just used copytool. Seemed to work ok. Lots of new blockers from new hsm test suite, but just as often the test itself that needs work rather than a code problem.

James updated gnilnd to work with cfs_* (etc.) renaming.

Cray plans to start testing master in earnest soon.

Cray going to add header file that defines gnilnd hardware definitions. Asked where in the tree to put it. James says under klnd directory.

James: Patches for 3.10 support mostly done (for lustre _clients_), waiting to land.

Cory asked for update on 2.5 supported kernels. RHEL6 only official server support still. Fedora keeps changing kernel; moving target making planning difficult.

Is RHEL6.4 _the_ RHEL? It is. RHEL6.5 does not exist yet, so it is difficult to make any firm plans around that this late in the 2.5 development cycle.

Review Past Action Items

Scope the effort to upgrade servers from 2.1 to 2.5, 2.1 client to 2.5 server compatibility (Peter)

Did some inter-op testing. Upgrading went fine. Using 2.1 clients with 2.5 servers, there were a number of issues that were not seen when running 2.5 clients.

Peter: Current view is that we should try to halt further regressions, but fixing those problems is our of scope for 2.5.0.

Cory Agreed. Thinks keeping 2.1 client support "soft target" is fine.

Chris Agreed.

No objections from those present.

Resolution of LU-3288 and LU-3490

Intel supplied solutions last week. Now waiting for feedback from IU to learn if the solutions meet their need.


Alex from Fermilab raised question about LU-634 on mailing lists.

It was noticed that a Xyratex engineer attached a patch to the Jira ticket, but never pushed the patch into Gerrit for inclusion upstream. Need clarification from Xyratex: Are you planning to push upstream? What is status?

Lustre 2.6.0 planning

Possible development work:

  • Will it have RHEL7 Support? What level? - Need to figure out how to test if Hyperion is unable to run RHEL7 soon enough for general lustre needs.

Action Items

  • Xyratex to give update about patch for LU-634
  • Investigate when you plan to go to RHEL7 (All organizations)
  • IU to supply Intel feedback about LU-3288 and LU-3490 solutions
  • Next time firm up message about 2.6.0 for LAD
  • Make page describing Lustre patch submission procedures (Chris, everyone)