CDWG Minutes 2013-05-08

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  • 2.4 status updates
  • Chris's early thoughts on Tree Contract improvement process
  • Open discussion


  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Nic Henke (Xyratex)
  • Justin Miller (IU)
  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)


2.4 status updates

New 2.4 tag created yesterday, 2.3.65

Over the weekend Intel found a couple of other things, so no RC yet

  • 6 blockers currently

needed to revert one change for performance reasons (from DDN, didn't catch ticket)

  • 3 have patches in review
  • 2 have patches in progress

RC back on track for end of the week

GA version hoped by end of month

Issues found recently "subtle issues, and layout lock fallout"

Question: 2.4 -> 2.3 fallback or 2.4 -> 1.8.9 fallback testing? Answer: roll back to something, latest previous 1.8.x or 2.x. Interop and fallback test plans progressing.

Quota: Kernel quota is required in 2.4. Lustre still has "--enable-quota"? If so needs removal since quota always on.

Proc regressions on master are an issue for LMT.

Tree Contract

  • Need to have CDWG sign off on releases
    • CDWG should have written list of requirements for release
  • "Branding" - Put releases on
  • Currently have low visibility into test plan and schedule
  • Other organizations need time to test release candidates
  • Test plan needs to include a schedule for testing
    • and include testing activities from organizations outside of Intel

Maintenance Releases

  • Current issues
    • Some OpenSFS participants feel that they would like OpenSFS to have more involvement in Maintenance Releases.
      • Through contract extension?
      • Open discussion in CDWG?

Action Items

  • Chris to inquire about cost to get OpenSFS stake in the most current maintence branch CDWG (similar to current stake in master branch)
  • Notify Intel that CDWG plans to participate in final decision on tagging 2.4.0 release.