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One of the most important tools for maintaining software code quality is the peer review process. When you review potential Lustre code changes on the review system, you are taking part in an essential part of the software development process.

Code reviews are not just about making pretty code and running a spell checker. Software quality can be divided into two areas: Source Code Quality and Product Quality. Source Code Quality aims to make the source more readable and presumably maintainable. Product Quality strives to make the running binary meet expectations, be stable, and be fault resistant. Code reviews need to enforce quality expectations in both areas.

The following is an incomplete list of things we expect Lustre code reviewers to enforce:

  • Code changes are correctly implemented and function correctly
    • Reviewer is expected to understand how the code works, and the implications of the change
  • Command line tools are not only functional, but also well designed
  • Git commit message describes what the change does, and why
  • Functions, structures, and files are adequately documented