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The task of the BWG Metadata Performance Evaluation Effort (MPEE) group is to:

  1. Build/select tools that will allow evaluation of File System Metadata performance and scalability
  2. The tools will help detect pockets of Metadata low performance in cases when users complain of extreme slowness of MD operations
  3. Benchmark tools will support: POSIX, MPI, and Transactional operations (for CEPH and DAOS)
  4. Address the very high end HPC as well as small and medium installations benchmark needs
  5. Tools applicable to Lustre and: CEPH, GPFS…

Current MPEE proposed list of benchmarks:

MPEE Usecases

MPEE Proposed Roadmap

MPEE Asks from OpenSFS

  • Share any open source synthetic benchmarks code
  • Share a list of MD benchmark tools they currently use to allow select the most suitable and used candidates
  • Share MD operations tested to allow build Netmist workload objects
  • Share the MD workloads that create pain points to Lustre FS
  • Share cases of poor MD performance workloads and applications

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