LWG Minutes 2019-04-04

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Cray: Cory Spitz, Ben Evans
HPE: Olaf Weber, Jeff Garlough
TACC: Ari Martinez
Kmesh: Michael Nishimoto
IU: Ken Rawlings
BP: Shawn Hall
Whamcloud: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones, Andreas Dilger, James Nunez


New Actions Captured:

  • None

Existing Open Actions:

  • None

Actions Recently Closed:

  • None


2.13.0 Release Update
2.13.0 feature update:

  • Joe: PCC has all feature patches in flight on the pcc branch. The base patch does need some refreshing after review feedback for security based concerns and that work is in progress. The rest of the patches are in the review cycle. UDSP also now has all known feature patches in flight on the multi-rail branch and all patches are going through review and unit testing. The problematic sysfs patch has been reworked to not use uuid and is now passing testing.
  • Cory: The self extending layout work should be doable by the end of April, let's check in on the progress at the next call.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • James not present on the call today. Anyone aware of any updates or progress?
    • No feedback.

Ken (via email)

  • The work continues to support SSL. We are trying to create a staging area for testing.
  • Peter: How does the Lustre manual documentation get updated on lustre.org?
    • Ken: We grab the build artifacts from the canonical version. There is a script that polls the canonical version and grabs the artifacts if a new version is available. This runs on a daily basis.

Other Business

  • None

Next meeting will be on 2019-04-18 at 11:00am Pacific