LWG Minutes 2018-01-11

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Cray: Cory Spitz
ORNL: James Simmons
Sandia: Ruth Klundt
HPE: Olaf Weber, Christopher Voltz, Olaf Weber
IU: Ken Rawlings
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones, Andreas Dilger, Amir Shehata


New Actions Captured:

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2.10.3 Release Update

  • We have tagged an RC1 on b2_10, a bit sooner than expected this quarter. This was needed for the kernel updates and it is a good time to roll up everything else that was ready. The testing of the tag is still in early stages.

2.11.0 Release Update

  • Joe: Feature Update - We have been focused on feature testing of the landed code for FLR and DoM. We have added more tests and are now running sanity-for and sanity-do in full test suites. Thus far we are mainly seeing test script issues and cleanup. There are a few improvement areas in DoM that we have identified around read-on-open and lock cancel and are working to get those ready.
  • Another note of important is that we have made a change in Autotest to parallelize tests, which has improved turnaround time.
  • Are the any updates from anyone else on 2.11.0 testing?
    • James: I have been testing some things with Amir and Doug. I was able to get Cray system going without DVS. The only thing I see is some odd performance changes for single shared file. However, this is comparing to 2.8.0.
      • Andreas: Can you please try with 2.10.0 and see if the performance anomaly is still present to try and narrow down where it may have been introduced?
      • James: Yes, will do that.
      • Amir: It would also be good to try lnetselftest for the performance drop, there are a few patches that could be coming into play there and this would be good to verify to be able to eliminate the network as a cause.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • SuSe seems to be the first company adopting the upstream client and they would like to see it get out of staging.
  • Peter: Have you seen anything from Canonical? They were interested in Ubuntu and the upstream client.
    • James: No activity of recent that he has heard.
  • Cory: If Neil is pushing patches that we want to put into master and that we want to push upstream, should we change our strategy to push to master and upstream at the same time?
    • Peter: The problem may be that not everything gets accepted in both places and possibly that they get reviewed and/or landed in a different order. We wouldn’t really be able to let one go further than the other.
    • Andreas: A simultaneous push isn’t desirable and feature landing upstream is strongly discouraged.
  • Cory: It sounds like it is best to have a few people handling this, but if we want to accelerate the pace of upstream pushes, we may need to encourage some more to get involved.
    • Peter: As Andreas noted, we also need to get the functional tests running to ensure patches are going to be successful upstream.


  • On the workshop front, James has been putting together steps for a development environment.
  • The project wiki page should be up by the next LWG call to engage wider community involvement.
  • We are working to improve search and visibility results, especially for the manual.
  • We are in the final stages of shutting down old lustre server.

Other Business

  • Peter: Opensfs Survey - historically put out around February every year. Is there any input as to things we should update this year?
    • No feedback at this time.
  • Cory: I haven’t been reading list lately, but are there updates that go out on the list as to how 2.11 is going?
    • Peter: It seems to have been working well to capture those updates as part of this call, where minutes are captured and available for those interested.
  • Peter: Expect to see emails soon about LUG, which is at Argonne at end of April. The registration site is now up.

Next meeting will be on 2018-01-25 at 11:00am Pacific