LWG Minutes 2016-07-13

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Cray: Cory Spitz, Justin Miller, Chris Horn, Ben Evans
ORNL: James Simmons
Indiana: Ken Rawlings
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Andreas Dilger


New Actions Captured:

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2.9 Release Status/Update

  • We continue to land bug fixes ahead of code freeze and are conducting testing on the tags as we progress.
  • Justin: Last meeting reported having hit a few issues on 2.8.54 that he would submit to JIRA. However, after updating to 2.8.55, he has not hit any of the previous issues. Since they were only seen once on the 2.8.54 tag, he will hold back on any submission unless they were to appear again.
  • James: Curious on the path forward on RPM packaging, as there is some discussion occurring on the JIRA tickets.
    • Andreas - There are strong options on the topic and if anyone has further input on it, please provide feedback directly on those tickets.
  • James: LU-20 & LU-684 were made a blockers (patchless server kernel). Does that mean they have a chance to make it in before code freeze?
    • Andreas: LU-684 is a test framework change, so could make it before CF
    • Joe: Will pass feedback to Peter on LU-20 for further discussion.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • Has been in discussions with Oleg regarding the xhandler stuff. They found we never exercised true deletion of the xaddr. We have been deleting by setting them to 0. The new xhandler exercises the condition where the size is 0 and results in overwriting buffers and corrupting memory. We have fixed it and also correct cases of deletion for directory striping.
    • Andreas: Deleting the layout of a file would be a bad thing, is that in scope?
      • James: No, only directories.
  • Al Viro modified LNet to use bio iterator. James tested it and submitted some patches to Al to fix bugs. This will go in the next release.
  • Working on finding all patches missing for Lustre 2.6 release and trying to submit them for the next merge window
    • Cory: Can you provide more background on this effort?
      • James: We stopped submitting to upstream client after 2.5, so a lot of patches are missing. We are trying to get to 2.6.50 for the 2.6 release. This effort is to try and submit all those that are missing. This should be last huge merger of things that are missing.
    • Cory: Don’t you get a lot of conflicts when pushing 2.7/2.8 upstream without the 2.6 patches present?
      • James: Yes, those patches have to be massaged in some cases. After this effort, we will look a lot more like master.


  • Work has been done to resolve database issues.
  • Work also continues on expansion of the main page.

Other Business

  • Cory: Cray is looking at SLES12 SP2 coming up. They are moving up to a 4.4 kernel. ext3 is removed in SLES12 SP2 since it was removed from upstream kernel. Is there anything they should be concerned about or be aware of?
    • James: This is quite exciting actually, would love to see how far we have gone in ldiskfs merging upstream.
    • Andreas: There hasn’t been a lot of effort getting last features out of ldiskfs into ext4 so I don’t think it is changing a lot. There are a few tickets open describing what needs to be done and recommends anyone working in this space to consider picking up that work.

Next meeting will be on 2016-07-27