LWG Minutes 2016-01-27

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Cray: Cory Spitz, Justin Miller, Ben Evans
ORNL: Sarp Oral, James Simmons
Indiana: Ken Rawlings
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Richard Henwood
Sandia: Ruth Klundt


New Actions Captured:

  • Sarp/Peter: Reach out to DDN directly to provide possible assignments for the Server Side Advise and Hinting feature in 2.9.
  • Cory: Write up a description of the panel discussion topic proposal by the end of the month for review and subsequent presentation to the board at the next meeting.
  • Peter: Present the straw man agenda for LUG when available.
  • Peter: Review the list of upstream patches from James and provide feedback on status.
  • Joe: Discuss with Peter regarding Intel’s plan for testing LU-5030.

Existing Open Actions:

  • James will do a short write-up on the wiki.lustre.org for how to submit upstream
    • 1/13 update: James has provided a rough draft, however, only Oleg and Andreas provided any feedback. Peter suggested posting to the wiki and allowing updates to be made from there
  • Peter to provide guidance to the community on the potential timeframe for 2.9 landings.=

Actions Recently Closed:

  • (James) Send Peter the list of outstanding cifs/libcfs patches
  • (Peter) Post the process of requesting access to Jira for community developers on the wiki.


2.8 Release Status/Update

  • Peter reported to Sarp via email that one of the long-standing blockers for 2.8 (LU-7039) has now landed and things are progressing well with the others. Peter expects to branch by the end of the month.
  • Sarp: Are there any blockers or important fixes still open at this point?
    • James: LU-7564 is a remaining open blocker and LU-6684 is very disruptive. Is there any update on this ticket?
      • Joe: Our testing has shown positive results with the latest patch for LU-6684. We expect to land the patch within the next few days.

2.9 Planning

  • Sarp: Do we still feel that the 2.9 dates are doable at this point given the 2.8 delay? At what point would we need to revisit these dates?
    • The general consensus is that it is a small development window for 2.9, however, this schedule is still doable.
    • James: How far along is the multirail support?
      • Richard: This is not on the list for 2.9.
  • Sarp: Has single client, single thread performance come up at all for 2.9 planning?
    • Cory: No and it is probably too late for inclusion at this point. We are trying to do a better job of planning for and scoping for the 2.9 release so we would need to do the due diligence very quickly to pul together the responsible parties for development, test, and documentation if we would want to consider it for 2.9.
  • Sarp: Any update on the feature assignment matrix on the wiki?
    • Server Side Advise and Hinting - Sarp: We need DDN respond to the minutes to provide assignments.
      • Cory: Strongly suggests reaching out to them directly to make progress on this. Sarp took an AI for Peter and himself to reach out to DDN regarding these assignments.

LUG Topics

  • Lustre Developer Day @ LUG
    • http://opensfs.org/events/lustre-developer-day/
    • No new general news to report.
    • Sarp: Has anyone seen a straw man agenda so far? Nobody on the call has seen an agenda. Sarp proposed an action item for Peter to report on the potential agenda.
    • James: Is Frank Zago planning on coming to LUG this year? There has been a few discussions regarding yaml vs json and this would be a good topic to discuss at developer day.
      • Cory: He is not sure if Frank is planing to attend, but agrees that this would be a good topic to get on the agenda either way.
  • Lustre Community Survey
  • Lustre Panel Discussion at LUG?
    • Sarp: Are we having the panel discussion and have we settled on any topics?
      • Cory: We should take a 2nd run at the topic from last meeting.
      • Sarp: What are the next steps to move this forward?
      • Cory: Will take an action to write up a description of the topic by the end of the month so that it can be reviewed before presenting to the board. Cory/Sarp/Peter will present it at the next board meeting.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • We are down to one patch remaining to make upstream client work with our tools.
  • James provided Peter with the list of patches per the AI from last meeting.
    • Sarp suggests that Peter review the list and provide a status at the next call.
  • Sarp: Do we have enough attention to get this done in the next 4-6 months?
    • James - i think it has the right attention. Olaf is working patches for 2.9 landings.
  • James: LU-5030 was a hinderance. Once the last patch lands, what is Intel’s plans for testing this?
    • Joe: Took an action to discuss this with Peter for an update next meeting


  • Targeting to get started with initial migration work in the next few days. This will give a good indication of where we need help - will have a better understanding at the next call.

Other Business

  • None

Next meeting will be on 2016-02-10