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== Actions ==
== Actions ==
'''New Actions Captured:''' <br />
'''New Actions Captured:''' <br />
*Peter to include the outlook series invite for the meeting in the minutes. [[media:OpenSFS_LWG.ics]]
*Peter to include the outlook series invite for the meeting in the minutes.  
'''Existing Open Actions:''' <br />
'''Existing Open Actions:''' <br />

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Cray: Justin Miller, Chris Horn, Cory Spitz
Indiana: Chris Hanna
Intel: Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones, Paul Sathis, Andreas Dilger, Richard Henwood
Seagate: Kalpak Shah
Sandia: Ruth Klundt


New Actions Captured:

  • Peter to include the outlook series invite for the meeting in the minutes.

Existing Open Actions:

  • James will do a short write-up on the wiki.lustre.org for how to submit upstream

Actions Recently Closed:


SC 15 Discussion

  • Peter: Well attended, interest was high in BOFs
  • Andreas: Good discussion thursday at the Intel booth on Lustre releases and stability. No notable take-aways other than good discussion.
  • Paul: All events he attended has strong attendance and a lot of interest

2.8 Release Status/Update

  • Last month it was reported that the long pole was DNE issues being identified while testing under stress, with failure occurring in short periods of time after stand up.
  • Update: Intel has identified fixes to get DNE to stand up under stress testing and are working to land those patches. We have reached the point where we are no longer testing to get the “next issue” but rather standing it up for a long period of time under stress.
  • Outside of DNE, there is a good handle on the remaining items to fix.
  • It is looking encouraging that the release will be out by the end of the year.

2.8 Testing Updates

  • Cray: Nothing new to report.
  • Seagate (Kalpak): Interop testing done in early November, no new issues to report.
  • IU (Chris): No 2.8 testing at the moment
  • Sandia (Ruth): Dealing with production priorities, no testing at the moment

2.9 Planning

  • Completed the action from last month to document the possible inclusions in the 2.9 release. Peter created the following page on the wiki: http://wiki.lustre.org/Release_2.9.0
  • We should hit the ground running with 2.9 when master reopens for landings upon GA of 2.8 and having documented coordination with review and testing of features is important.
  • Discussion of target dates on the 2.9 wiki page
    • 2.9 release is scoped according to the existing 6 month cadence planning
    • Cory: Will continue to think about cadence change and extension of testing window. Cray features will be able to meet dates if they do change, as long as they are not extremely early in the new year.

Other Business

  • Andreas: Should we be using the calendar invite instead of email to notify attendees of the meeting?
    • Peter to include the outlook series invite for the meeting in the minutes.
  • Cory: Can we use this forum to discuss community efforts on projects outside of specific effort for the 2.9 release, i.e. strengthening community test efforts, protocol doc, etc…)?
    • Peter: Will be happy to host those discussions in these calls to try and coordinate community effort. The most pressing item at the moment was to get a handle on 2.9 scope, but other topics of discussion going forward is encouraged.
    • Peter to check in with Cory in January to determine agenda items for discussion

Next meeting will be on 12/16