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The goal of contract SFS-DEV-005 is to document the Lustre protocol.

For the details please see the contract statement of work.

In-progress output

PDF and html artifacts are automatically built for every change submitted into the Documentation project. A build of the current master of the Protocols Documentation project is available here:

Key People


  • Sarp Oral - OpenSFS Contract Administrator
  • Christopher Morrone - OpenSFS Technical Representative

Project Approval Committee (PAC)

  • Christopher Morrone (LLNL) - PAC Chair
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Ruth Klundt (Sandia)
  • Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere (CEA)
  • Olaf Faaland (LLNL)
  • Ned Bass (LLNL)
  • Chris Horn (Cray)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Justin Miller (Cray)


  • Andrew Uselton - Engineer
  • Richard Henwood - Project Manager
  • Andreas Dilger

Important Dates

The official start date of work is agreed to be January 13, 2015.

Source Repository

The sources of the documentation are found in the following git repository:


A web interface to the repository is:

Changes to the documentation are submitted through the same gerrit review system that is used for the Lustre source code, just under a different target git repository and project name.

For convenience, we list the Jira tickets related to this project.

Meeting minutes

2015-03-02 Protocols Document meeting minutes