Contract SFS-DEV-001 early draft

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SFS-DEV-001 includes three areas for development. These areas are listed below with highlighted results.

Lustre FSCK: OI Scrub

Key Message

  • Enable file-level backup and restoration of an MDT.
  • Core infrastructure for online consistency checking.

Details of the internal of this work is available at on the Whamcloud community wiki.

Recent results

OI Scrub project provides ground work for a complete Lustre FSCK tool. Crucial to success of this tool is performance. OI Scrub has been demonstrated checking over 100K files/second on a typical MDS hardware node. In addition, OI Scrub provides a on-line mode that has been shown to add negligible system load with limited scan rates:

OI Scrub provides on-line scanning for corruption. A successful online tool should not impact system performance. This figure show the fall-off in performance from a system without OI Scrub running in the background (0 on the x-axis) through to a system with OI Scrub running as fast as possible (-1 on the x-axis.) The results from this graph indicate that negligible performance impact will be observed while running OI Scrub with Kfiles per second limited between zero and five.

Whamcloud site for more information.