CDWG Minutes 2013-04-24

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  • 2.4 status updates
  • Plan major thrust areas for CDWG for the coming year
  • 2.5 roadmap discussion (time permitting)


  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Nic Henke (Xyratex)
  • John Carrier (Cray)


2.4 status updates

Things going not too bad. 11 blockers, 9 have fixes in flight. Overnight some glitch in results updloading, but things are moving through now.

Note that commit a585b03 "Revert "LU-2459 osd: add LMA incompat flag check" was needed to get tests passing again.

LU-2827 needs some attention if going to land for 2.4.0.

Cray started testing 2.3.64.

Cray suggests LU-1442 should be blocker. New patch and explanation of cause of bug available from Xyratex. Will evaluated for 2.4.0.

CDWG Thrust Area Planning

  • Improve issue tracking
    • Improve transparency of decision making on issue priority
    • Know which issues will or will not be solved in a release
    • Transparently track landing of bug fixes for every
    • Increase visibility of non-feature work that is outstanding
  • Community Development Tree Contract revisions
    • Send your desired changes NOW!
    • Add maintenance tree funding?
  • Discuss and refine development cadence
  • Documentation effort
    • Lustre Manual
    • In code (doxygen)
    • In tree architecture documentation
  • Discuss/enact OpenSFS hosting of:
    • Lustre releases (e.g. yum repos. Make it easier for people to install lustre.)
    • OpenSFS build system
    • git+gerrit
  • Patch review
  • Establish release criteria (Cory)
    • Put obligation on OpenSFS to be part of the process?
    • Stability testing requirements
    • Performance characterization
    • OpenSFS needs to be more involved in creating the test plan
  • Get developers on the CDWG calls, try to improve transparency of Lustre planning