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==== [[Hero Run Best Practices|File System I/O hero run best practices]] ====  
==== [[Hero Run Best Practices|File System I/O hero run best practices]] ====  
'''Lead:''' Ben Evans<br />
'''Members:''' Mark Nelson, Ilene Carpenter, Rick Roloff, Nathan Rutman, Liam Forbes
<br />
[[What goes into a hero run? A list of terms and concepts]]
==== [[I/O Workload Characterization]] ====
==== [[I/O Workload Characterization]] ====

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Benchmarking Working Group Wiki Pages

Information about the BWG is found at the at opensfs.org website

SC14 BWG face-to-face meeting

SC 2014 OpenSFS BWG Update Presentation

LUG 2013 OpenSFS BWG Update Presentation

Benchmarking Working Group Tasks

File System I/O hero run best practices

I/O Workload Characterization

Lead: Devesh Tiwari
Members: Mike Booth, Ilene Carpenter, Narjit Chadha, Ben Evans, Rick Mohr, Pietro Cicotti

Application I/O kernel extraction

Lead: Ilene Carpenter
Members: Bob Kierski, Feiyi Wang

File System Monitoring

Lead: Liam Forbes
Members: Alan Wild, Andrew Uselton, Ben Evans, Cheng Shao, Jeff Garlough, Jeff Layton, Mark Nelson, Nic Henke

Metadata Performance Evaluation

Lead: Sorin Fabish
Members: Branislav Radovanovic, Rick Roloff, Cheng Shao, Wang Yibin, Keith Mannthey, Bobbie Lind, Greg Farnum