Lustre 2.6.0

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Current Schedule

  • August 28 (2013) - Initial Scoping Begins
  • (Oct 31 at latest)- Initial Scoping Complete
  • February 28 (2014) - Feature Freeze
  • April 30 - Code Freeze
  • May 31 (2014) - Release 2.6.0

Test Plan

2.6 contains LFSCK enhancements for MDT-OST consistency checking and UID Mapping and Shared Key support along with other minor improvements noted in the Lustre 2.6 Changelog.

These new features will be tested along with functional and performance regressions as described in the 2.6 Test Plan.

The community is looking for additional scale test resources for this feature release. If you and your organization have resources to share or host, please contact the CDWG.

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