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== Meeting Minutes ==
== Meeting Minutes ==
* [[LWG Minutes 2016-11-30]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2016-11-02]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2016-11-02]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2016-10-19]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2016-10-19]]

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The OpenSFS Lustre Working Group (LWG) is the place the where the participants of OpenSFS come together to coordinate their software development efforts for the Lustre high-performance, Open Source, parallel filesystem. This includes planning and the roadmap for community releases of Lustre.


  • Take a holistic view of the Lustre software development lifecycle
  • Encourage a culture of software quality, where quality is viewed as everyone's responsibility
  • Improve the Lustre development process. (See the presentation on Software Structural Quality).


Dustin Leverman and Peter Jones co-ordinate activities and would be happy to discuss how you could get involved if you are interested in finding out more.


Occur every other Thursday at 11AM Pacific time. The agenda is sent out to the LWG Mailing List the day before the meeting along with the dial-in details. Please let Peter Jones know if you would like to get added to the meeting invite to get automatic updates and reminders about the calls.

Meeting Minutes

For older meetings, see the LWG category.