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== Meeting Minutes ==
== Meeting Minutes ==
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-05-17]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-06-17]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-06-03]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-06-03]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-05-20]]
* [[LWG Minutes 2015-05-20]]

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The OpenSFS Lustre Working Group (LWG) is the place the where the participants of OpenSFS come together to coordinate their software development efforts for the Lustre high-performance, Open Source, parallel filesystem.

The LWG oversees multiple Lustre related contracts that are funded by OpenSFS.


  • Take a holistic view of the Lustre software development lifecycle
  • Encourage a culture of software quality, where quality is viewed as everyone's responsibility
  • Improve the Lustre development process. (See the presentation on Software Structural Quality).

Meeting Minutes

For older meetings, see the LWG category.