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Features that are currently being developed for future Lustre releases. Features are not listed in priority or landing order. Projects not currently under development, or ideas for features, should be listed on the Project Ideas page.

Please note that the targeted completion date information is provided by the developing organization for informational purposes only and is in no way a roadmap commitment.

Feature Feature Summary Point of Contact Tracker Target Date (YYYY-MM) Landed Release
Patchless Server Remove Lustre kernel patches to allow Lustre servers to be more easily ported to new kernels, and to be built against vendor kernels without changing the vendor kernel RPMs.  ? (Intel) LU-20 2015-11 .
End-to-End Data Integrity with T10 Add a path to pass T10 Protection Information from Lustre clients through to server disks to reduce CPU overhead of multiple checksum calculations.  ? (Xyratex) LU-2584 2015-11 .
LFSCK Phase 3 - DNE consistency Enhance LFSCK to work with DNE filesystems, including remote directory entries, and OST orphan handling for multiple MDTs. Richard Henwood (Intel) LU-2307 2014-11 .
DNE Phase IIb Asynchronous Commit of cross-MDT updates for improved performance. Remote rename and remote hard link functionality. Richard Henwood (Intel) LU-3534 2015-05 .
Layout Enhancement Add support for multiple layouts on a single file, for File Level Replication, Data on MDT, extent-based layouts, etc. John Hammond (Intel) LU-3480 2015-05 .
ZFS ZIL Support Add support for the ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) to the Lustre osd-zfs Alex Zhuravlev (Intel) LU-4009 2015-05 .
File Level Replication Phase 1 Solution Architecture and HDL, Exclusive Open, RAID 1 Layout, Layout Modification Method, Read Only RAID 1 Jinshan Xiong (Intel) LU-3254 2015-11 .
File Level Replication Phase 2 Immediate asynchronous write from client. Jinshan Xiong (Intel) LU-3254 2016-05 .
Data on MDT Allow small files to be stored directly on the MDT for reduced RPC count and improved performance.  ? (Intel) . 2015-11 .
Dynamic LNET Config Introduces a user space script which will read routes from a config file and add those routes to LNET dynamically with the lctl utility. This allows the support of very large routing tables Amir Shehata (Intel) LU-2456 2014-11 .
Quota for Projects Allow specifying a "project" or "subtree" identifier for files for accounting to a project, separate from UID/GID. Shuichi Ihara (DDN) LU-4017 2015-05 .
Large Bulk IO Increase the OST bulk IO maximum size to 16MB or larger for more efficient disk IO submission.  ? (Intel/DDN) . 2015-11 .
Kerberos Revival Fix up existing Kerberos code so it is tested working again.  ? (Xyratex) . 2015-05 .
UID/GID mapping Map UID/GID for remote client nodes to local UID/GID on the MDS and OSS. Allows a single Lustre filesystem to be shared across clients with administrative domains. Stephen Simms (Indiana University) LU-3291 2015-05 .
Shared Key Crypto Allow node authentication and/or RPC encryption using symmetric shared key crypto with GSSAPI. Avoids complexity in configuring Kerberos across multiple domains. Stephen Simms (Indiana University) LU-3289 2015-11 .
Lock ahead Allow user space to request LDLM extent locks in advance of need. Intended to optimize shared file IO. Patrick Farrell (Cray) LU-6179  ?? .
NRS Delay Use NRS for fault injection. Intentionally delay request processing to simulate server load. Chris Horn (Cray) LU-6283 2015-04 .