CDWG Minutes 2014-04-23

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  • Quick Lustre 2.6 Update
  • Lustre code stability discussion
    • New landing requirements (documentation rules, maintainability/understandability rules, etc.)
    • General release testing improvments
    • etc.


  • Peter Jones (Intel)
  • Sebastien Buisson (Bull)
  • Justin Miller (IU)
  • Steve Young (Xyratex)
  • Cory Spitz (Cray)
  • Ruth (Sandia)
  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Meghan McClelland (Xyratex)


2.6 update

lfsck things have landed

Cory - Cray is testing master on small system. simple IO tests are breaking things. They are still investigating; no tickets opened yet (.57 tag?) UPDATE: Later in the day opened as LU-4949


Cory - what is next stable branch? Answer: not yet determined.

Lustre code stability

  • All but the most trivial function must have function comment

Have paragraph explaining the rule. Makes it easier to digest, easier to follow a rule when they understand the rationale behind it.

  • All structures must be commented well
    • check if current quidelines are adequate
  • Living internals documents, make them part of patch landing requirement

Release Testing Improvements

Cory mentioned at LUG that Cray would provide testing mix. He is working on that.

IU has an open source bio-informatics app that could be added to test suite.

Cray likes the racer testing rig that Oleg has built.

Ruth testing 2.4 at Sandia. Looking to get engaged testing newer releases.

Justin - Need to lower barriers to testing. Make it easier to present results in a central place. Could get more involvement.

Benefit to getting more people to run test suite.

Lots of desire for more testing, but no clear specific commitments at this point.

Action Items

  • Post new agreed upon landing guidelines (Chris)