LWG Minutes 2017-03-23

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Cray: Ben Evans, Justin Miller
ORNL: James Simmons
IU: Ken Rawlings
Intel: Andreas Dilger, Joe Gmitter, Peter Jones


New Actions Captured:

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Existing Open Actions:

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2.10 Release Update

  • More master landings have occurred this week and are continuing. The bulk of the ZFS snapshot work has landed (user tool and man page patches expected to land soon). Multi-Rail has already been landed for some time. We are still pressing forward to close out on the PFL work, which will be done in a branch merge.
  • Does anyone else have anything to report out on? How is tracepoint coming along?
    • James: Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that it is going to make it. There is too much on the plate right now ahead of the PFL test shot and other items. Given how close we are to feature freeze, there doesn't seem to be enough time to get this reviewed and in shape in time.
  • Justin: What is the tag rubric? I noticed the most recent tag is 2.9.54 and was wondering what significance the number has on whether or not things are settling down.
    • Peter: Anything between 51 and 89, inclusive, is a development tag. Tags beginning with 90 and above are tags created during code freeze.

Upstream Lustre Client

  • Andreas and Oleg were just at LSF conference this week. Is there anything to share from discussion at the conference?
    • Andreas: Oleg is working with Al Viro to try and resolve issues that Al is finding. One of the barriers is that client IO and some other areas of the code have multiple layers of abstraction. We were discussing cleaning up in this area.
  • James: Not much else to report out this week on upstream work.


  • Ken is doing quite a bit of webmaster tasks at the moment that are taking some time away from the migration work.
  • We are getting close to having things ready for google group for the Lustre internals doc. It will be posted to lWG mailing list when ready
  • On a content front, we have been going through old FAQ material and getting it ready to move over to new wiki.

Other Business

  • Peter: We have not seen a strong result thus far with the OpenSFS survey. A second chaser was sent out today. Thus far we have 29 respondents, compared with 97 total respondents last year.
  • Peter: LUG hackathon on Tuesday evening is getting participants, making progress. There will also be a developer summit by invitation. The board is reaching out to organizations involved in Lustre development to see who may be able to participate.
    • Peter: Any word from Cray on who might be attending?
      • Cory, Patrick, Justin, Ben all interesting in attending.

Next meeting will be on 2017-04-06 at 11:00am Pacific