LWG Minutes 2015-04-08

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  • lustre.org Wiki
  • Open Discussion


  • Chris Morrone (LLNL)
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Andreas Dilger (Intel)
  • Richard Henwood (Intel)
  • Paul Sathis (Intel)
  • James Simmons (ORNL)
  • Brad Settlemyer (LANL)* sebastien
  • Oleg Droken

Lustre.org Discussion

Call to participate in new wiki.lustre.org.

Some old areas that linked to the old wiki that should be accomodated if reasonable:

openzfs site

wikipedia links to old wiki (Andreas to fix)

google search for links to old wiki and repair as needed

LWG face-to-face meeting

Meeting at LUG 2015 will be on Wednesday, April 15 at 2pm (in Denver).


Branching and merging

Merge commit, at end of patch series, land all patches at one shot with relatively small merge

Oleg - branch/merges

two things:

1) gerrit can handle merge commits, can push merge commit, review and test it

2) current repo set up to cherry pick, if click submit on merge commit, what does it do?

Current automated test environment uses 40-50 machines. 40-50 machine hours of testing per pushed patch.

May need to limit testing to last patch in topic branch (or some sub sampling of patches) to avoid massive autotest load every time a topic branch is rebased.

Overall the discussion about using topic branches for multi-commit changes was good. A number of misconceptions about reasons for the change were worked through. In the end we seemed to left with just technical details to work through, but no major opposition to the general approach.