LWG Minutes 2015-02-25

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  • Revitalize OpenSFS PAC for contract SFS-DEV-001
  • Lustre roadmap messaging for LUG
  • Lustre 2.7 Update


(Details notes lost in flubbed save, so this is from memory)

Lustre 2.7 Update

Going well, just a couple of blockers. Release candidate likely to be tagged soon.

Revitalize OpenSFS PAC for contract SFS-DEV-001

Activity on PAC is waning. Need to revitalize efforts from OpenSFS side. Everyone encouraged to go back to their organization and find out who can participate.

Chris to contact VTM & Richard to get a listing of current mailing list membership.

Lustre roadmap messaging

Need to have single person act as Point Of Contact for each planned feature, so LWG has someone to contact and get updates on progress. Should update [Lustre Community Development in Progress] page, rename "Developer" column to "Point of Contact" and add names.

We should have a slide that shows release schedule, but features listed separately and ranked on how close they are to completion. Estimate of expected completion time to be included.

Discussed draft of which features should advertised at LUG.

Discussed needing to contact Fujitsu to find out the status of their work. Intel to provide contact info to Chris.

Lustre survey

Some talk about lustre survey status. It is going well. About as many surveys filled out as in previous years, so response is good. May not need to extend survey deadline beyond advertised Feb 28 deadline, but that option is still open to us if we decided it is worth while.